Solar4America vs. SolarCity

SolarCity is currently one of the national leaders in the solar power system industry. With a wide range of financing options available, residential and commercial capabilities, and energy provided at a lower cost than most competitors, SolarCity offers a wide range of advantages to customers. However, it’s certainly not the only solar panel company available. Consumers turn to company reviews and brand comparisons to choose between SolarCity and other potential options. One such option is Solar4America, a compelling choice from PetersenDean.

About Solar4America

PetersenDean is the largest solar and roofing company in the United States that’s independently owned and operated. Two brothers founded PetersenDean as a roofing company initially. This foundation gives PetersenDean a unique authority in the field of solar power systems that other brands, including SolarCity, lack. PetersenDean has more than 30 years of experience in the industry, with a long track record of high-quality installations.

PetersenDean’s Solar4America campaign has become a widely popular option for consumers looking to install solar panels on their homes or businesses. Solar4America sources all of its materials from American-based companies, generating more economic value for our country than companies that commission foreign suppliers. Solar4America also donates solar installations to needy organizations, such as its recent donation to a senior citizens center in Mazatlan.

Solar4America is the only major solar panel installer that’s also a roofing contractor. This combination is beneficial for customers, since PetersenDean can design, permit, and install roofing and solar power systems in one, full-service application. Unlike SolarCity, Solar4America officers insurance and roofing expertise to prevent roofing damage and water intrusion.

One downfall to Solar4America versus SolarCity is that the latter offers solar panel services across the country, while Solar4America is only available in specific states. However, as PetersenDean grows it plans to extend its services to other states and add thousands of new employees. With several different certifications, including a status as a SolarWorld Master Installer, customers can trust Solar4America for high-quality service.

Comparing Solar4America with SolarCity

Ironically, two brothers also founded SolarCity back in 2006. As the number one provider of full-service solar solutions in the country, SolarCity is a strong contender for anyone looking to install solar power systems for residential and commercial needs. With more than 70 service centers spanning 19 states, SolarCity offers more options for more people than Solar4America.

One of the main differences between Solar4America and SolarCity is that SolarCity does not have third-party involvement. This may make the installation process easier for consumers, who only have to communicate and work with a single company. Both companies offer great financing options, which is a leading factor in choosing a solar power system brand. Both allow customers to lease or purchase solar power systems. Owning instead of leasing has a plethora of benefits – not the least of which is the 30% federal tax credit offered to those who purchase the system.

SolarCity offers the lowest prices on the market, but Solar4America is close behind. One benefit of choosing Solar4America is the transparency of prices, which are shown directly on the website. The energy quote guarantee is also an advantageous safeguard against losing money on inefficient energy output. SolarCity offers a zero-down financing plan and predictable energy rates, so customers are never surprised at the amounts of their bills.

SolarCity uses microinverter technology instead of central string inverters for optimized efficiency, even in shady areas, and to help lower the costs of installation for consumers. Both brands are full-service companies that take care of the entire solar panel installation process, from the design phase to 24/7 system monitoring. Each brand has a lot to offer consumers. Read the customer reviews for both companies to get a better idea of which is best for your needs.