Best Bodybuilding Routines

The benefits of having a good physique are countless prompting lots of people to engage in this exercise. The best bodybuilding routines may look like they will tear your muscles apart, but they are only designed to develop your body, really. If a good looking body interest you, consider trying any of the following bodybuilding routines:

  1. Sample 3-Day Full Body Workout Routine: On the first day, you can begin with the Barbell Squat. This involves 4 Sets and 8 Reps. Follow this up with the Barbell Bench Press – Medium Grip. 4 Sets and 8 Reps and you are done as well. The same number of Sets and Reps are also put into the Pullups, Standing Military Press, Barbell Curl and Ab roller. You get a rest on the second day. For the third day 5 Sets and 5 Reps of Barbell Deadlift, Bent Over Bar-bell Row, Incline Dumb-bell Press; Si-de; Lateral Raise; Standing Dumbbell Triceps Extension and Hammer Curls. Take the fourth day off. On the fifth day, perform 3 Sets and 12 Reps of Dumbbell Lunges, Dips-Triceps Version, Chin-Up, Double Kettle Push Press and Seated Calf Raise. Then, complete with a Set and 12 Reps of Plate Twist. The last two days are to be taken off as well.


  1. 3 Day Full Body Routine: Perfect for beginners and offers a fay off in between and a day or two days off at the end of the third session. It involves full body workouts and is recommended for starters based on the following reasons:
  • They get to become acquainted with the entire workout routine since they are repetitive in nature all through the one-week period.
  • There is proof that more exercise at the start of a bodybuilding program does not mean that your body gains more. In fact, the less training you partake in at first, the greater gains your body makes. Since there can only be a beginning, beginners are advised to take advantage of this experience. Allowing your body time to adapt to the training regime is good practice.
  • Beginners are not expected to perform the level of exercise that those in advanced stages are now familiar with. Triggering their muscles more often with the amount of weight they lift means that they do not need so much time for recovery and repairs. These two bodybuilding routines can be applied by you as a tactic to increase your muscles without putting undue pressure on yourself. Choosing the best routine that suits you is the best way to go.