Building Muscle Without Steroids

With serious commitment on your part, it is possible to build muscles naturally and still look like a pro bodybuilder. There is no need to manipulate your hormones with the aid of any substance because building muscle without steroids is possible. The natural building of muscles ensures that the negative side effects associated with the use of steroids such as acne, crippled testosterone production, short-term aggression and long-term brain damage are prevented.

With the gains of building your muscles naturally clearly stated, here are a few ways to go about it:

1. Reduce The Percentage of Your Body Fat: The secret to building your muscles lies in getting lean first. Lowering your body fat percentage is a positive step as it promotes an increase in testosterone levels as well as insulin sensitivity. Both of these are necessary for making your body building process a reality.

The efficiency of your body in building muscle becomes a possibility because of the higher rate of muscle protein synthesis that an increase in insulin sensitivity and testosterone levels support. Besides cutting out about 12 to 15 percent of your body fat makes you look good before the actually building of muscles begin.

2. Gain Weight Slowly: The natural building of muscle is slower and should not be rushed. This is because gaining weight too fast can only make you fat and that is not the reason for undergoing this process. Optimize muscle growth based on the limits of your body by taking advantage of a solid training routine. All these combine to make you bigger without involving the risk of your gaining fat.

3. Ensure That Your Training is Optimized For Bulking: The kind of training you do determines whether you will end up gaining fact in future. It is advisable that your training allow you to perform compound movements in order to move more weight and stimulate growth. This means that abs, curls, leg curls among others that focus on isolation movements are not what is required.

Design your training to challenge the building of muscle by slowly but consistently increasing the weights. For new lifters, there is no point in taking on so much of a workload compared to advanced lifters.

This natural process of building muscle saves you the worries associated with the use of steroids. Though it may take you a longer period of time, your joy lies in the guarantee that with training optimized for bulking, there will be no gaining of fat in the process.